Chapter 1 - Preliminary

Section 18. Interpretation of Part III.

In this Part, unless the context otherwise requires-
[Am. Act A471:s.4]
"agriculture" means any form of cultivation of crops, animal farming, aquaculture, inland fishing and any other agricultural or pastoral pursuit;

"cargo" includes mail, currency, specie, livestock and all kinds of goods;

"crops" includes any form of vegetable produce;
[Am. Act 241:s.8]
"defined value", in relation to living accommodation provided for an employee by or on behalf of his employer, means-

"disabled person" means any individual certified in writing by the Department of Social Welfare to be a disabled person;
[Ins. Act 476:s.4]
"economic rent", in relation to any premises or part of any premises, means the rent at which those premises or that part might reasonably be expected to be let if-

"entertainment" includes-

by a person or an employee of his in connection with a trade or business carried on by that person;

[Ins. Act 364:s.4]
"farm" means any land used for the purposes of agriculture;

"furniture" includes air-conditioning equipment and any fixture which, if it were not a fixture, would be regarded as furniture;

"insurance" includes a takaful scheme pursuant to the Takaful Act 1984 [Act 312];

[Ins. Act 323:s.9]

"mine" means a source of minerals over which mining operations are, have been or may lawfully be carried on;

"minerals" means minerals and mineral substances (other than mineral oils), and includes precious metals, precious stones and non-precious minerals, but does not include common clay (other than kaolin or bentonite), sand, sandstone or any sodium compound or any other similar common mineral substance obtainable without underground mining operations and not containing any precious metal or precious stones in economically workable quantities;

"mining operations" includes every method or process by which minerals are won or obtained;

"payroll tax" means any tax of that name imposed by a written law;

"premiums", in relation to insurance, includes contributions or instalments payable under a takaful scheme pursuant to the Takaful Act 1984;

[Ins. Act 323:s.9]
"rateable value", in relation to premises, means the annual value as determined for rating purposes by the local rating authority, if any;

"replanting" means the replacement of the crop of any product on any area of land by taking such action as is calculated to produce on the same area a crop of the same product and includes reafforestation of timber;

"turnover tax" means any tax of that name imposed by a written law.

Related reading:
[Act A471:s.4; Act 241:s.8; Act 476:s.4; Act 364:s.4; Act 323:s.9]

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