Chapter 4- Adjusted income and adjusted loss

Section 34A. Special deduction for research expenditure.

(1) Subject to this section, in ascertaining the adjusted income of a person from a business for the basis period for a year of assessment, a deduction shall be made, as specified in subsection (4), from the gross income from the business for that period in respect of expenditure, not being capital expenditure incurred on plant, machinery, fixtures, land, premises, buildings, structures or works of a permanent nature or on alterations, additions or extensions thereof or in the acquisition of any rights in or over any property, incurred by that person during that period on research-
[Ins. Act 421:s.4]

(2) The Minister in approving the research pursuant to paragraph (1)(a) may impose such conditions as he thinks fit or may specify the period or periods for the purpose of deduction under this section.

(3) A deduction for expenditure on research pursuant to paragraph (1)(b) shall be made in respect of expenditure incurred within ten years from the date of approval of industrial adjustment under section 31 A of the Promotion of Investments Act 1986.

(4) The amount of deduction to be made under subsection (1) shall be twice the amount of expenditure, not being capital expenditure, referred to in that subsection.

(5) Where any deduction in respect of expenditure on research is made under this section, no deduction in respect of that expenditure shall be made under section 33 or 34.

[Ins. Act 421:s.4]

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[Ins. Act 421:s.4]

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