Chapter 4- Adjusted income and adjusted loss

Section 38. Special provisions applicable to adjusted income from an employment.

(1) Subject to this section-

(2) Where living accommodation is provided for only part of a basis period, the expenses referred to in paragraph (1)(b) shall be restricted to such of those expenses as are payable for that part under that subsection or as are bound to be met during that part under that subsection, as the case may be.

(3) The total amount deducted under this section from an employee's gross income from an employment for the basis period for a year of assessment shall not exceed the total of the amounts included in that gross income-

(4) Where an employee's gross income from an employment includes for the basis period for a year of assessment any amount ascertained in accordance with subsection 32 (2) or (3) in respect of living accommodation provided by or on behalf of his employer, any expense to which subparagraph (1)(b)(ii) applies in relation to that basis period (or a part of that basis period) shall, if it is payable for a period which overlaps that basis period or that part, be apportioned in the manner provided by paragraph 37 (3) (b); and for the purposes of this section regard shall be had only to so much of that expense as is so apportioned to that basis period or that part.

(5) Where any amount is included in gross income-

no deduction shall be made under section 33 in respect of any outgoings and expenses incurred or which might be included as incurred in the production of that part of the gross income consisting of that amount.

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