Section 68. Power to appoint agent.

(1) The Director General may, if he thinks fit, by notice in writing appoint any person to be the agent of any other person for all or any of the purposes of this Act; and, where any person is so appointed for all those purposes, he shall be assessable and chargeable to tax on behalf of that other person.

(2) An appointment made under subsection (1) may be revoked by the Director General at any time.

(3) Where a person appointed under subsection (1) to be the agent of another person is aggrieved by the appointment, he may within thirty days after the service on him of the notice of appointment appeal under section 99 as if the notice of appointment served upon him were a notice of assessment and the provisions of this Act relating to appeals shall apply accordingly with any necessary modifications.

(4) Where any income on which tax is chargeable (or the source of any such income) is under the direction and control of a court in Malaysia and the court appoints a receiver therefor-

(5) The following sections of this Part shall be without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1).

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