Section 80. Power of access to buildings and documents, etc.

(1) For the purposes of this Act the Director General shall at all times have full and free access to all lands, buildings and places and to all books and other documents and may search such lands, buildings and places and may inspect, copy or make extracts from any such books or documents without making any payment by way of fee or reward.

(1A) Where the Director General exercises his powers under subsection (1), the occupiers of such lands, buildings and places shall provide the Director General or an authorized officer with all reasonable facilities and assistance for the exercise of his powers under this section.
[Am. Act A1063:s.3]

(2) The Director General may take possession of any books or documents to which he has access under subsection (1) where in his opinion-

(3) Where in the opinion of the Director General it is necessary for the purpose of ascertaining income in respect of the gains or profits from a business for any period to examine any books, accounts or records kept otherwise than in the national language, he may by notice under his hand require any person carrying on the business during that period to furnish within a time specified in the notice (not being less than thirty days from the date of service of the notice) a translation in the national language of the books, accounts or records in question:

Provided that in East Malaysia this subsection shall have effect as if the words "or English" were inserted after the words "national language" wherever they occur.

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[Am. Act A1063:s.3]

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