Chapter I - Assessments

Section 91. Assessments and additional assessments in certain cases.

(1) The Director General, where for any year of assessment it appears to him that no or no sufficient assessment has been made on a person chargeable to tax, may in that year or within six years after its expiration make an assessment or additional assessment, as the case may be in respect of that person in the amount or additional amount of chargeable income and tax or in the additional amount of tax in which, according to the best of the Director General's judgment, the assessment with respect to that person ought to have been made for that year.
[Am. Act 578:s.15]
(2) Where the Director General discovers that the whole or part of any tax repaid to a person (otherwise than in consequence of an agreement come to with respect to an assessment pursuant to subsection 101 (2) or in consequence of an assessment having been determined on appeal) has been repaid by mistake whether of fact or law, the Director General may make an assessment in respect of that person in the amount of that tax or that part of that tax, as the case may be:

Provided that no such assessment shall be made-

[Am. Act 578:s.15]
(3) The Director General where it appears to him that-

in connection with or in relation to tax, may at any time make an assessment in respect of that person for any year of assessment for the purpose of making good any loss of tax attributable to the fraud, wilful default or negligence in question.

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[Act 578:s.15]

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