Chapter 2 - Appeals

Section 99. Right of appeal.

(1) A person aggrieved by an assessment made in respect of him may appeal to the Special Commissioners against the assessment by giving to the Director General within thirty days after the service of the notice of assessment or, in the case of an appeal against an assessment made under section 92, within the first three months of the year of assessment following the year of assessment for which the assessment was made (or within such extended period as regards those days or months as may be allowed under section 100) a written notice of appeal in the prescribed form stating the grounds of appeal and containing such other particulars as may be required by that form.
[Am. Act A1093:s.12]

(2) Where an assessment has been made in respect of a person appointed under section 68 to be the agent of another person, the agent and that other person shall for the purposes of this section and the other provisions of this Act relating to appeals each be treated as the person in respect of whom the assessment was made and, if they both appeal against the assessment, their appeals shall if possible be dealt with together:

Provided that, in the case of a receiver deemed by subsection 68 (4) to have been appointed under subsection 68 (1) to be the agent of a court, this subsection shall not apply.

(3) Where in a case to which section 67 applies the principal has appealed against an assessment, the representative, whether or not he himself has appealed or is entitled to appeal against the assessment and without prejudice to any power conferred on him by subparagraph 14 (c) of Schedule 5, may represent and act generally on behalf of the principal for the purposes of the provisions of this Act relating to appeals ("the principal" and "the representative" here having the same meaning as in section 67).

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[Act A1093:s.12]

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