Chapter 2 - Appeals

Section 100. Extension of time for appeal.

(1) A person seeking to appeal against an assessment may at any time make to the Director General a written application in the prescribed form for an extension of the period within which notice of appeal against the assessment may be given under subsection 99 (1).

(2) On receipt of an application under subsection (1), the Director General-

(3) Where the Director General forwards an application and statement pursuant to paragraph (2)(b), he shall inform the applicant in writing that he has done so and shall furnish the applicant with a copy of the statement; and the applicant may, within twenty-one days of receiving the information and the copy, forward to the Clerk written representations as to the application and the statement.

(4) Any application and statement forwarded pursuant to paragraph (2)(b) and any representations forwarded pursuant to subsection (3) shall be brought by the clerk to the attention of one of the Special Commissioners, who shall decide whether or not to extend as he thinks proper in the circumstances the period within which the notice of appeal may be given.
[Am. Act A108:s.2]
(5) The decision of one of the Special Commissioners refusing an application or granting an extension under subsection (4) shall be notified in writing by the Clerk to the applicant and the Director General and shall be final.

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[Act A108:s.2]

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