Section 105. Refusal of customs clearance in certain cases.

(1) Where tax payable by a person who carries on the business of transporting passengers or cargo by air or sea (or tax payable by an agent of that person) has remained unpaid for more than three months (whether that person has been assessed directly or the agent has been assessed on his behalf) the Director General may with the approval of the Minister issue to the customs authority a certificate containing the name of that person or the agent, as the case may be, and particulars of the tax in default; and the customs authority shall thereupon refuse clearance from any port, aerodrome or airport in Malaysia to any ship or aircraft wholly or partly owned or chartered by that person until the tax is paid.

(2) No legal proceedings shall be instituted or maintained against the Government, the customs authority or any public officer in respect of a refusal of clearance under this section, nor shall the fact that a ship or aircraft is detained under this section affect the liability of the owner, charterer or agent to pay harbour or other dues and charges for the period of detention.

(3) In this section "customs authority" means the Director General of Customs and Excise, and includes the Regional Directors of Customs in Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia and any other authority by whom customs clearance may be granted.

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