Section 130. Non resident citizen relief

(1) There shall be allowed a relief to an individual who is a citizen but not resident for the basis year for a year of assessment by reason of his employment which is exercised outside Malaysia in the public services or the service of a statutory authority.

(2) The relief shall be such relief as will reduce the amount of tax chargeable on him in respect of his chargeable income for that year of assessment to an amount which bears the same proportion to the amount of tax which would be so chargeable if he were resident for that basis year and the tax were charged on his aggregate income as the amount of his total income bears to the amount of his aggregate income.

(3) An individual claiming relief under this section shall make his claim in the prescribed form and shall furnish such further particulars as the Director General may require.

(4) In this section, "aggregate income", in relation to an individual claiming relief under this section for a year of assessment, means his total income, accruing in or derived from Malaysia or elsewhere, computed in accordance with the provisions of this Act:

Provided that where subsection 45(2) applies in arriving at the aggregate income the reference to total income shall include the total income of the wife who elects or the husband who elects, as the case may be.
[Subs. Act 591:9; Am. Act 608: s.22]

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[Act 451: s.22; Act 591: s.9; Act 608: s.22]

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