Section 132. Double taxation arrangements.

(1) If the Minister by statutory order declares that-

then, so long as the order remains in force, those arrangements shall have effect in relation to tax under this Act notwithstanding anything in any written law.

(2) Where any arrangements have effect by virtue of this section, section 138 shall not prevent the disclosure to a duly authorized servant or agent of the government with which the arrangements have been made of such information as is required to be disclosed under the arrangements.

(3) The appropriate provisions of Schedule 7 shall apply where, under any arrangements having effect under this section in relation to a territory outside Malaysia, foreign tax payable under the laws of that territory is to be allowed as a credit against tax payable under this Act.

(4) Any arrangements to which effect is given under this section may include-

and any such arrangements containing any such provision may with respect to that provision be made to have effect for periods before the passing of this Act or before the making of the arrangements, and the foregoing subsections shall be construed accordingly.

(5) Where-

any unilateral relief (within the meaning of that Schedule) falling to be given to that person for that year by virtue of section 133 shall not be given after that date; and, if any such unilateral relief has been given to him for that year, the amount of any such bilateral relief shall be reduced by the amount of that unilateral relief which has been so given.

(6) Any order made under this section shall be laid before the Dewan Rakyat.

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