Chapter 1- Administration

Section 137. Identification of officials.

(1) Any person exercising the right of access or the right to take possession conferred by section 80 shall carry a warrant in the prescribed form issued by the Director General (or, in the case of a warrant issued to the Director General, by a Deputy Director General) which shall identify the holder and his office and shall be produced by the holder on demand to any person having reasonable grounds to make the demand.

(2) Where a person purporting to be a public officer or an employee of the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia exercising functions under this Act produces a warrant in the form prescribed under subsection (1) or any written identification or authority, then, until the contrary is proved, the warrant, identification or authority shall be presumed to be genuine and he shall be presumed to be the person referred to therein.

[Am. Act A955: s.4]

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[Act A955: s.4]

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