Chapter 3- Miscellaneous

Section 142. Evidential provisions.

(1) In a suit under section 106 the production of a certificate signed by the Director General giving the name and address of the defendant and the amount of tax due from him shall be sufficient evidence of the amount so due and sufficient authority for the court to give judgement for that amount.

(2) In criminal or civil proceedings under this Act any statement purporting to be signed by the Director General or an authorized officer which forms part of or is annexed to the information, complaint or statement of claim, shall, until the contrary is proved, be evidence of any fact stated therein:

Provided that this subsection shall not apply to-

(3) A transcript of any particulars contained in a return or other document relating to tax, if it is certified under the hand of the Director General or an authorized officer to be a true copy of the particulars, shall be admissible in evidence as proof of those particulars.

(4) No statement made or document produced by or on behalf of any person shall be inadmissible in evidence against that person in any proceedings against him for an offence under section 112, 113 or 114, or for the recovery of any sum due by way of tax or penalty, by reason only of the fact that he was or may have been induced to make the statement or produce the document by any lawful inducement or promise proceeding from the Director General or an authorized officer.

(5)(a) Save as provided in paragraph (b) nothing in this Act shall-

[Subs. Act A225: s.3]

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[Act A225: s.3]

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