SCHEDULE 4B - Qualifying Pre-Operational Business Expenditure

1. Qualifying pre-operational business expenditure for purposes of this Schedule is expenditure within the meaning of paragraph 2, incurred by a company resident in Malaysia in connection with a proposal by that company to undertake investment in a business venture as approved by the Minister in a country outside Malaysia.

2. Subject to paragraph 1, qualifying pre-operational business expenditure for the purposes of this Schedule is-

3. Subject to this Schedule, there shall be deducted for a year of assessment under subsection 44(1) an amount equal to so much of the qualifying pre-operational business expenditure as was incurred in the basis period for the year of assessment (in this Schedule that year of assessment being referred to as "the relevant year").

4. Where by reason of the fact that there is for the relevant year no or no sufficient defined aggregate, a deduction which would otherwise be made under subsection 44(1) pursuant to this Schedule cannot be made or can be made only in part, the deduction (or, where the deduction can be made only in part, so much of the deduction as cannot be made) shall be made for the first year of assessment (being a year of assessment subsequent to the relevant year) for which in computing the total income there is a defined aggregate, and so on for the years of assessment subsequent to that first year until the whole amount of the deduction has been made.

5. In this Schedule, "defined aggregate", in relation to a year of assessment, means the aggregate income for that year reduced by a deduction made pursuant to subsection 44 (2) or Schedule 4 or 4A.
[Ins. Act 451: s.26]

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[Act 451: s.26]

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