Welcome to KPMG Tax Risk Evaluator!

With the ever-changing tax landscape, it is important for businesses to ensure compliance with the tax legislations by conducting best practices from a tax perspective and keeping informed of the tax-related risks revolving one’s business.

The KPMG Tax Risk Evaluator is an online diagnostic tool that provides a preliminary evaluation and assessment on the Company's tax position, tax risks and compliance status on a high-level basis. In using this tool, we believe that it will facilitate the Company in determining whether the Company is in compliant with the prevailing tax legislation as well as to give an overview of the Company’s current tax risk position.

Disclaimer: This tool is designed for general information only and it should not be used or relied upon as a substitute in identifying specific tax risks or calculation of actual tax exposure. Where appropriate, relevant assumptions have also been made in arriving at the Company's tax risk status and professional advice should be taken regarding the Company's specific circumstances.

By continuing, I hereby agree that the result generated based on my responses will only be used as a general understanding of my company's current tax position and should by no means be shared or relied on without seeking appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of the situation.